USF alumna with a BA in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

My career started as a marketing research analyst at the MECLABS Research Institute where I was part of a team of experts dedicated to creating innovative marketing strategies for Verizon Wireless. Some of my projects included automation, contact strategy, personalization and mobile experimentation and optimization.

While there, I worked with experienced writers such as Dan Burstein who allowed me the opportunity to blog for Marketing Sherpa. My posts “Social Media: How employees can help you deliver value on Twitter” and “Social Media 101: Branding for the PR-impaired marketer” were both Best Of The Week based on reader votes.

I am currently the marketing coordinator for beYogi, Beauty Insurance Plus and MASSAGE Magazine. Taking a step back from research to dive head-first into the world of publishing turned out to be an incredible learning and growing experience. I have been able to leverage the skills MECLABS taught me (project management, research, user testing, UX, CRO, data analysis, QA) to help my team develop and implement marketing campaigns across email, print and digital.

Here I discovered that my strengths are project management, communication, presentation delivery. I also fell in love with developing others and teaching my team new skills to optimize processes. The biggest and most valuable lessons have been in management.

I’ve seen the difference that a servant-leader can make in an organization by leading through influence. The mentors that I’ve had here have been critical to my personal and professional development.

When I’m not at work, my passion is volunteering. Through World Relief, I’ve been able to help refugee families learn English and assimilate to American Culture. I’m also a volunteer and advocate for the Arthritis Foundation.