Marketing Coordinator (TDG)

“Maria is an extremely self driven and motivated professional that is not one to back down from a challenging task. She works through a problem and is very knowledgeable in her role. She gives 110% from day one. From my experience with her, I regard her highly as strong driven team player”. –Rachel

“Working with Maria on her email marketing initiatives has truly been a breath of fresh air. Her positive attitude and personal nature is infectious; and makes working with her very easy. She is always eager to learn the latest tips, trends or tools that she can use to mix in with her own strategies.
In a very short period of time, Maria has completely revamped and optimized Massage Magazine’s email marketing campaigns with proven results. I believe it’s her endless creativity, incredible marketing insights, and a willingness to spearhead any challenge big or small, that makes her so successful. If I started up my own company today, Maria would be the first person I would hire to lead my marketing team!” –Robert

Market Research Analyst (MECLABS)

“Maria Lopez Fernandez was one of the most dedicated professionals I had the pleasure to work with on the research team at MECLABS. She worked on some extremely challenging projects for a major big four telecom, and I was constantly impressed by her ability to manage them all independently and get big results for the client.
What really sets Maria apart from the crowd is her radiant personality and encouraging attitude. At times when an average employee would become frustrated and throw in the towel, Maria pushes through and encourages her team in a manner that invigorates everyone around her to achieve top-notch results!
Where do I see her in the future? I think she would do great in a management role. She would certainly be the kind of empathetic, compassionate leader that is highly valued and sought after in strong organizations.” –Alex

“Maria is one of the most dedicated and hardworking professionals that I’ve ever worked with. She’s not only collaborative and creative, but will do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles and find effective solutions. Her excellent communication skills and extensive experience in marketing research and execution makes her a highly valued member of the team and among our clients. She has the passion, the vision, and the persistence to succeed. I highly recommend Maria for any position.” –Joanna

“As part of my role as Director of Editorial Content, I get to work with research analysts and managers at MECLABS, and help them create valuable, helpful content for our audience of marketers.
Maria is one of the most passionate and talented research analysts I had the opportunity to work on blog posts with. Not only did she go out of her way to ask my advice on several elements of the bloggin process, she was also talented — able to interview a source and create valuable, compelling content.
But don’t just take my word for it, read Maria’s work for yourself. Here’s an example.” –Dan



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